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Our beautiful twin boys, William and Benjamin, were born at 25 weeks, 6 days and spent the first 87 days of their lives in the hospital. This time in the NICU was incredibly difficult for me, but I found comfort in reading other preemie stories. One of the most difficult parts of having two extremely premature babies was the overwhelming amount of unknown. It is not something that you can prepare for and everyday seemed to bring a new challenge.

On one of our particularly difficult days, a neonatologist told us about a set of 23 week twins that he had treated a few years prior. These twins were born even earlier and smaller than our boys, and yet they are now thriving toddlers. Hearing this story and seeing photos of these boys was so encouraging.

We are incredibly lucky to have William and Benjamin in our lives and we are thankful for them every day. I hope that our story is inspiring for other families of preemies.

Meet the twins


Born May 20, 2016

Birth Weight 1,020 grams



Born May 20, 2016 at 1:29pm

Birth Weight – 1,090 grams




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