Highlights of 2017 – January to April



Our year started off in the best way possible with the arrival of the boy’s cousin, Vaida.




My sister went into labour early in the morning on January 20th and called us right away. We were lucky that we were able to fly back to Kelowna in time to be there for the delivery. It was so special to be in the room when my niece was born. I don’t remember much from the day the boys were born (which is probably a good thing) and I really appreciate that my sister shared such a special experience with us. Although the boys didn’t really know what was happening, they were pretty excited to meet her.






In February we celebrated the boy’s first Valentine’s Day and I had the crazy idea to do a little Valentine’s-themed photoshoot. Let me tell you, I tip my hat to baby and toddler photographers because this photoshoot was rough. I think you need at least 5 people to properly photograph twins.




I did get a few cute shots though.






In March we took the boys on their first real road trip. Mike’s residency program required him to travel to a small city in Northern Alberta for 5 days and we decided that it would be fun to all go as a family. So we packed our car to the brim with baby stuff and set out on a 6 hour drive. The boys actually did really well. We stopped every two hours so we could feed them and give them a break from their car seats.






April brought another road trip, although this one was much longer! We drove almost 800 kilometers to go home to see my family. The boys were great on this road trip too! Before we left we upgraded their car seats from their Chicco Keyfit 30 to the Diono Radian RXT. Although I was sad that they had outgrown their baby car seats, I think having a larger and more comfortable seat really helped the trip go more smoothly.




We had a great time visiting family and celebrating the boy’s first Easter.





This photo from their Easter Bunny visit cracks me up! Will looks so chubby and displeased and Ben is pretty confused and poor Vaida is squished in the middle hoping the Easter Bunny doesn’t drop her.





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